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Company Secretarial

Every company needs various things doing every year, we can take this burden off your shoulders for a fixed fee, and avoid the embarrassment of your company being dissolved just because you missed a letter of two.

Company secretary

A company does not have to have a company secretary but it is a useful insurance policy. A company secretary can sign many documents on behalf of the company if the director is unavailable. We can be your Company Secretary if required.

Registered office

Every company must have a registered office. It is where any legal documents can be sent. It can be your address, but we also provide this service for clients wishing to separate their home from business address.

Mail forwarding

If you want a separate registered address for your business that does not change as you move around, we can do this for you for a fixed annual fee.

Companies house

Companies House is the central register of all companies. We can access it to find out lots of information for you on customers, competitors or prospects.

Annual Return

Every year every company has to complete an annual return. If not the company will be dissolved.

Registered address

A registered address is to partnerships and other business what the registered office is to a company.

Nominee director

There are many reasons why not all business owners want to be the director of their company. As long as we are satisfied that there is a legitimate reason we can arrange someone to act on your behalf as a nominee director for them.

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