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Businesses change over time, and the best way of running your business today will not be the best in 3 years time. We will help you make any changes you need, or want.

Common reasons for change we see are:

  • Cashflow difficulties
  • New owner coming in
  • Succession planning
  • Staff incentives required
  • Rapid growth/decline in sales

We can restructure the share ownership, close down all or part of a company, or advise on directors or shareholders agreements to protect each party.

A recent case allowed a group of companies with 3 VAT registrations and a complicated intercompany accounts to collapse into a single company, saving many hours of management time and annual fees and the customers did not even notice!


This used to be thought of as the last option, and it may well still be. We can advice on the implications and help you mange the process if needed to preserve what can be saved of your business.


Share are the ownership tickets for companies, but they are so much more. Issuing new shares can help solve cashflow problems, bring new people into the business, help retain staff or just tidy up the accounts to allow a bank loan. Speak to our expert for any question on shares.

New partner

Bringing a new partner into a business is major event, similar to getting married, and you need to do it properly and make sure the paperwork is done. There are many ways of achieving this and we can advise on them all.


This is the lifeblood of the business, but unless you have a plan of what it should be, how do you know if it is good or bad? We have simple tools you can use to prepare forecasts and more importantly monitor them.

Business in difficulty

This is one of our specialties. We have two teams of experts on hand to hold your hand and find solutions, depending on the type of problem. Do not wait until it is too late, give us a confidential call as soon as you suspect there is a problem, because the earlier the problem is addressed the better the outcome.

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