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You may be new to payroll; we specialise in payroll we are totally focussed on providing a payroll service to our clients. Our payroll service is tailored made and has built in options that are best fit for your business & your industry. Letting you do what you’re best at, growing the business whilst we take care of running the payroll.We offer weekly payroll, monthly payroll, auto enrolment, payroll deductions, payroll Year End, P11, P35 Returns, CIS Returns.For example we had a client who was paying cash and didn’t realise he could incur a fine from HMRC of £100 per month if he didn’t pay through PAYE .In the client’s case under auto enrolment this would increase to £500 per month fines. We pointed this out immediately, and we now run the payroll for this client.

Auto enrolment

Auto enrolment is the Governments newest method of making us all pay into a pension. It is often called a privatised form of National Insurance, and just like National Insurance you the employer has to foot the bill for running it. We can guide you in the right direction, and our payroll system is fully compliant with the requirements

Weekly payroll

Weekly payrolls are the norm in many industries. It means that staff receive their pay quickly and close in time to when earned. It is more expensive for the employer, but there can be benefits for them too.

Monthly payroll

Monthly payrolls are the easiest for employers. We can run these either for salaries where the amount is the same each month, or for variable hours.

Payroll deductions

There are many things that need to be deducted from payrolls, from student loans to court fines. We can deal with all of these payroll deductions , including the new Auto enrolment deductions


CIS is the “Construction Industry Subcontractors Scheme”. It is effectively PAYE for those in the building trade even though they are self-employed or a company. It is very time-consuming to do as there are usually two separate returns made every month, and every new person you pay in the scheme will need verifying and their details entered.In our experience this is the commonest area o mistake amongst those in the building and related fields.

Real time

Realtime is the system whereby every employer has to do a return every month to the HMRC, even if they have not paid anyone that month. It means that the taxman knows exactly how much everyone in the country has been paid. There are tremendous fines if missed, and if you make a legitimate error in a submission it can be very hard to correct, Get an expert in to do it!

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