We offer a range of services. We know that no one size fits all, so if what you want is not listed here, give us a call and we will put together a bespoke package for you.

Annual Accounts

Every type of business has different requirements for its accounts, and the size of the business may also dictate the format of the accounts. We use award-winning software to ensure that the legal niceties are adhered to, but the most important part of an accountant’s job is to use the options available to ensure that the accounts are presented in the best way for the business. And believe us, there are lots of different ways the same information can be presented!

Tax Returns

Most of the time clients want us to ensure they pay as little tax as is allowed and a prompt tax return is the first step to this. But there are times when a little creative thinking on the tax front can save money in the long term and our internal processes are designed to ensure that you are looked after in the long term as well as in the short term. Just ask a mortgage advisor what they want from your tax return!

VAT returns

Flat rate, cash-accounting, standard scheme, annual scheme, margin schemes (too many to name), reverse charge, zero rates, import VAT. Those who think VAT is simple and that software will “take care of it” are mistaken.

Payroll Services

We run weekly, 4 weekly and monthly payrolls. We advise on salary levels for owner/managers and maintain pension schemes for clients. We chase businesses for staff hours and Payslips are sent out by email, but we will keep pestering you to make sure deadline are not missed as payroll penalties quickly mount up, and are the commonest to be missed by business.

CIS returns

The building trade has more special tax systems than any other profession. We routinely complete CIS returns as both contractors and subcontractors. We have extensive experience in resolving longstanding CIS problems for clients.


Bookkeeping is at the bedrock of accounts and more fundamentally in managing any business. We do bookkeeping for clients from invoices dropped off at our office, monthly quarterly or annually, but we also embrace technology. We love Dext, an award-winning app that does much of the input for you, and for some we take the information directly from bank information!

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital is already here for VAT registered business meaning by law some form of software is required. We help you up choose the best system for you and support all the common software programs. Now MTD is coming to all small businesses, everyone will need to have software. This does not mean all business owners will have to computerise, we have a system whereby we run the software for you.

Company Secretarial

Company Secretarial covers everything from Company Formation through to the Annual Return to Company Strike off. We provide advice on share classes and reorganisations, issue share certificates, and record board minutes to ensure that the paper trail so essential to the safe maintenance of the company is kept.


We believe the English tradition of small local charities is to be cherished. We compile and/or certify the accounts for many small charities and groups at highly discounted rates, so if you run such a group give us a call.

Tax Planning

At the heart of what business owners ask for from accountants is tax planning. We believe that tax is not the be all and end all of any business decision, but it is a key driver, and business owners need good tax advice. We pride ourselves on integrating the tax advice into the wider business advice we routinely provide.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting means any accounting matter that relates to a court action. It covers valuations for divorce or shareholder/partnership disputes, investigations into losses, and explanations of accounting terms, documents or systems. As a nationally known expert witness, Tim Vogel provides this unique service nationally from a local base.

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