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From early 2024 the law is changing so that all those who rent out property will have to submit their tax returns quarterly, using software. They will then have to complete an annual return as well. For many, this will come as a major surprise, an additional cost and place significant new burdens on landlords.

Reducing the burden on landlords

We have developed a system using cutting edge software to reduce the burden on landlords. We use as software. It can access your bank automatically to extract only the items relating to the property and this forms the basis of the quarterly returns. We then discuss with you the additional costs and income to complete the year end return and complete the required returns for you.

As an additional benefit, the software will optionally keep track of safety certificates, warn you if the tenant is late with payments and provide a range of other support for landlords.

We provide all this for an annual fixed fee of £250, which includes our advice service throughout the year.

We also provide accounting support for property investors. We form and support property companies. These need specialist structures and accounting support and our specialist can assist property investors including more general property business support. We have close links with a range of mortgage providers and a panel of builders and other property support professional when required.

Property services are provided through our sister company GYB property Ltd, another member of the Grow your Business family.

Free consultation

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