Until late 2014, if a family member died either you dealt with the will yourselves with all the stress and difficulty that entails, or you paid a solicitor to do it. Now properly qualified accountants can do this for you.We offer a fixed fee bespoke service that will save you time and money, and leave you in control. We can arrange will writing, trust formation and provide Inheritance tax planning. In addition we can extract a grant of probate (basically activate the will) and if required act as trustees, act as executors or manage the estate for you.What is different about our service is that we charge for the work done, not for the time taken or the amounts involved, so you get the service you need, not what fits the “normal practice”.

Our very first client had been meaning to write a will for years, but not got round to it until they were taken terminally ill suddenly. We were able to arrange some deathbed inheritance tax planning, and then act as executors as their children lived outside the country. We saved them Thousands in Inheritance tax, and saved the business which otherwise would have closed immediately, and because the work done was actually relatively small our fee was half the lowest alternative quote they had.


Everyone should have a will. If you do not have one your hard earned money may end up not going to where you want it too. Worse still your heirs may end up with a large tax bill. We have a partner who can give you cost effective advice on this complicated area.


Your executor is the person legally responsible for distributing your money after you die. It is a responsible role and one that carries many obligations. We can either act as executors to ensure it is all done legally and efficiently, or if you are an executor we can work for you s your agent and do the donkey work for you at this stressful time.Historically this sort of work could only be done by solicitors, but we are one of the few firms of accountants authorised to do this work.

Next of kin

If you are a next of kin you have various rights and obligations. we can guide you though this and ensure that it is sorted.


It is always a bitter-sweet thing to receive an inheritance. One thing that people forget is it can give you a headache as well, be it a tax liability or a question of what to do with the money without causing a future tax liability. This is where accountants can help in, so give us a call very early on should you be luck enough to receive one.


Inheritance tax is possibly the most hated tax in the UK, and often called a tax on the middle class. Yet very simple tax planning when you write a will or more generally while you are still in good health can save thousands of pounds. Due to the regular changes in this area of taxation this is something that we believe you should not attempt yourself, and would work with you and anyone working on your will to achieve your aims.